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Taluorumana, the Colombian village dying of thirst – in pict

  • Time:2016-07-02
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  • Residents in Taluorumana, in the Alta Guajira region of La Guajira, which has been especially hard hit by drought Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flamini Gómez Uriana draws water from a well, while his mother Lilia Uriana waits in background. According to residents, the well was discovered after Lilia’s mother dreamed its location, and Lilia made a spiritual offering of a necklace to ask for permission to use the water found there Facebook Twitter Pinterest Esteffany Epieyü, 11, with her nephew Luis Miguel, washes clothes in the dry riverbed of the Ranchería river, in Riohacha. She gets water to wash clothes from the small well made out of a bottomless metal barrel, dug into the riverbed. She shows clear signs of malnutrition Facebook Twitter Pinterest Lilia Uriana carries water from a well to the little settlement of Taluorumana Facebook Twitter Pinterest The Cerrajón coalmine with houses in foreground. The mine covers 170,000 acres and is, according to some source, the largest open-pit coalmine in the world. Cerrajón is accused by local environmental groups of using millions of litres of water a day that are needed by the population faced with a three-year drought in the region Photograph: Stephen Ferry for the Guardian Facebook Twitter Pinterest The Ranchería river as it flows into the reservoir of the El Cercado dam, in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta mountain range Facebook Twitter Pinterest Conduction pipes leading from the El Cercado dam. This tube, one of two which conduct water from the dam, is capped. As there was no budget to build the tubing needed to bring water to the irrigation districts and to the populated areas of the desert, this dam does nothing but hold and regulate the flow of water to the river Facebook Twitter Pinterest Antonia Epieyü, 60, sits with four-year-old Andrés David Epieyü in her lap. Andrés David is developmentally disabled due to malnourishment, and can neither walk nor talk Facebook Twitter Pinterest The arid landscape near the small town of Nuevo Ambiente Facebook Twitter Pinterest Paola Uriana, 17, sits with her daughter Sara Sofía Uriana, aged seven months, in the Centre for Nutritional Recuperation, a feeding centre in in Riohacha, set up by Colombia’s child welfare agency (Bienestar Familiar) to treat malnourished children Facebook Twitter Pinterest Goats owned by the Uriana family in Taluorumana Facebook Twitter Pinterest Unused wooden structures used to support roofs, in Taluorumana overlooking the drought-affected region Facebook Twitter Pinterest